This pastel/candy/daydream fairyfloss theme was created for using this amazing theme editor!

To use this theme:

Sublime Text Atom Editor
  1. Download it
  2. Find your Sublime Text Editor packages directory using the menu item Preferences -> Browse Packages...
  3. Copy the folder into your Sublime Text Packages directory
  4. Choose the theme using Preferences -> Color Scheme
    -> fairyfloss
  5. Tada!
  1. Go to Preferences -> Install
  2. Toggle to "Themes" and search for "fairyfloss"
  3. Choose "Install"
  4. Go to the "Themes" tab in settings and pick "fairyfloss from the dropdown as your Syntax theme
  5. Tada!

This theme is also available for Xcode on Alcatraz and for VSCode here.

Infrafloss is an infra-specific tweak to fairyfloss that is better for YAML files.